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Ravi Master

Immigration Consulting

For South Africans starting their next chapter in The Netherlands


A South African on the other side


I'm Ravi, an immigration consultant based in the Netherlands. I provide advice and guidance to South Africans planning on moving to the Netherlands. Originally from Johannesburg, in 2018 I emigrated to Europe. I have been living and studying in the Netherlands since 2020. I have an academic background in political science and economics, currently enrolled at Utrecht University. 


What do I offer?

Immigration Assessment: I will evaluate your eligibility for various immigration programs and visas.

Personalised Immigration Plans: Develop tailored immigration strategies that align with your unique circumstances and objectives.

Ongoing Support: Offer continuous support throughout the immigration process, addressing queries and providing updates.

Connecting you to Legal Expertise: Collaborate with experienced immigration attorneys when necessary to navigate complex legal issues. 

Important: I do not replace the role of immigration lawyer. I provide advice, guidance, and information that should enhance/substantiate/contribute to the professional opinion of your lawyer. 


Who is this for?

For Students. I assist students with choosing and applying to universities in the Netherlands, with sourcing internships, traineeships, and work experiences. I can assist with finding housing and arranging visa applications.

For Young Professionals. I provide advice and guidance to skilled workers looking to work in the Netherlands (and EU). I assist young professionals in navigating work visas, permits, and employer sponsorships. I can also provide tips on industry-specific hiring practices and interview formats in the Netherlands.

For Families. For families wishing to relocate to Holland I can provide information regarding city-specific costs-of-living, family-support programs for foreigners, education and career opportunities, as well as naturalisation options for your family.

For Entrepreneurs. The Netherlands is the start up capital of Europe. Over 600 individuals have received the StartUp visa to develop their innovative business ideas in the Netherlands. I can provide guidance and information to ensure your start up plan meets the visa requirements.


Why me?

A familiar face in the Netherlands. A South African myself, I have lived in Europe for several years already. I personally understand the kinds of challenges South Africans face when moving to Europe. I strive to pass on the lessons I have learnt in my immigration journey to other South Africans.

Where are the experts, who are the experts? While a lot of information about moving to the Netherlands is available online, it is not always reliable, accurate, or verifiable. This is a problem when you are trying to find immigration lawyers, potential employers, housing agencies, and schools. I can help you find who and what you are looking for, with the guarantee that these are legitimate and reliable contacts and services. 

Quality and reliable advice. I will answer your questions, address your concerns, and provide you with clear and unambiguous information regarding your situation. 


Send me your CV and receive a free career assessment. 

1-hour online meeting: €50 (~R1000)

Payment options: PayPal, wire transfer

Upload your CV

Thanks for submitting!


Address Utrecht, The Netherlands

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Address Utrecht, The Netherlands
LinkedIn  Facebook

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